GMLG’s approach to the delivery of global migration legal services emphasizes personal attention and responsiveness. If you are guided by a need to find the cheapest law firm in the marketplace or are content to accept the high-volume, one-size-fits-all visa processing solutions offered by our “brand-name” competitors, then we are not your law firm. 

Our approach, while a little costlier, permits us to provide companies, their senior executives and management personnel, as well as our high net-worth clients the individualized attention they command and deserve. GMLG’s Concierge Migration Service or “CMS” is the hallmark of our visa offerings.  It comes with a guarantee of high quality service, attention to detail and an unfailing willingness to be responsive to you, your questions and concerns. 

If you are a corporate client, we structure the CMS relationship to engage you earlier, more frequently, and on a strategic basis; helping you to plan and execute your migration process in a way that anticipates everything from initial population of start-up locations in new countries of operation -- to the scaling up (or down) of operations in an established country – to anticipating the seasonal or situational nature of your staffing needs -- to emergency relocation services in the event you have to move your people on very short notice, or under the most emergent circumstances. 

If you are an individual client, we structure the CMS relationship to be respectful of your time and other pressing matters – we are responsive to your concerns and questions and never look at our watches, because our time is your time -- we find customized solutions to the migration needs of you and your family – protecting your privacy is always uppermost in our minds. GMLG is not your typical “nine to five” migration law firm, because your needs do not arise only during the traditional workday. We provide U.S. and Indian-based immigration advice (and global migration counseling through our affiliates worldwide) whenever you need it.