New Identity Verification Process for USCIS Immigrant Fee Engagement

USCIS now offers an option to create an online account that will allow you to check the status of your Green Card, change and update your address online, and receive electronic notifications and case updates. To ensure privacy and protect your personal information, you must successfully complete the new identity verification process before creating your online account. While anyone can pay the Immigrant Fee, only you as the immigrant may create your online account and verify your identity.

Step 1 Pay the USCIS Immigrant Fee

  • You will receive a handout that explains how to pay the USCIS Immigrant Fee at your appointment at a U.S. embassy or consulate.

  • The handout will include your Alien Registration Number and Department of State Case ID (please keep the handout for your records).

  • Go to and login.

  • You can add additional family members.

  • Anyone may pay the $220 fee, for example: a family member, friend, employer, attorney, or accredited representative.

Step 2 Create a USCIS online account; Only new immigrants may create an optional online account

  • Verify Identity

  • You must verify your identity by passing an “identity quiz” which is based on your past immigration history. Please refer to your passport, visa application or immigrant petition, data summary sheet, etc. to answer the questions.

  • There will be up to 7 questions and you will have 3 attempts to pass.

  • If you do not pass the quiz within the 3 attempts you will not have online access, but it will not impact your Green Card process.

  • Alternatively, you may have your identity verified in person after you arrive in the U.S. by visiting your local USCIS office.

  • Once you have verified your identity, you will have access to:

  • Update your address as USCIS will mail your Green Card to the most recent U.S. mailing address they have on file for you; and

  • Track the status of your case.

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