GMLG Says Anchors Away to Law Clerk Benjamin Cook

Today is Ben’s last day with the Firm. We are proud to report that he reports for active duty with the U.S. Navy as a Judge Advocate General on Monday. After more than 5 years with the Firm he is leaving us to go on active duty with the Navy for the next 4 years. Over the next 3 months, Ben will be at Naval Justice School in Newport, Rhode Island; and then he will be reporting to his first duty station in Japan for the next 2 years.

Ben, Rajnish and I started the Firm in 2014; and the last five years have been an incredible success, due in large measure to Ben’s skill, dedication, and hard work in building our practice; and most important in serving our fabulous clients.

Ben is an outstanding and honorable lawyer; and one of the best people I know! I am proud of him as his colleague; and especially so as his dad!! We will miss him immensely; and wish him and his soon to be wife Chri sty all the best; and as we say in the Navy we wish them, “fair winds, and following seas.”

Yuliya Veremiyenko, our other law clerk (who like Ben, recently passed the bar), is going to be taking over for Ben. We will be hiring an additional law clerk over the coming weeks to support Yuliya. In the interim, please direct all inquiries and emails that you would have sent to Ben to Yuliya, copy Rajnish and me.

Best regards,


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